Facing error in deploying my project

I am facing some sort of error while deploying my discord bot on replit, I’ve provided the screenshot below

Screenshots, links, or other helpful context:

Hi @tamannanaaz444. Are you deploying using a Reserved VM via Background Worker? Can you provide a link to your public Repl and any further details you see in the error or logs?
Thanks for your help.

yes @SuzyAtReplit am using Reserved VM via background worker and I don’t see any more error messages there it just loads for 5-6 minutes in promote section and then it shows deploying failed

Here’s the link https://replit.com/@tamannanaaz444/Yuzuri?s=app

I guess you are talking bout this link or maybe that another link that gives access to edit repls and all to other user? please reply if you were asking for that link I’ll give it right away

@SuzyAtReplit I tried deploying other projects of mine and they are just fine idk if there’s something wrong with my code or work, can you please assist me solve the issue it’ll be a huge help

@SuzyAtReplit as I see that now I can see the logs this is the errors I am facing while deploying

If you mind i could give a ss on desktop too