External Database Comnectivity

I LOVE Replit but need data accessible in internal systems (AWS MySql ideally or an indirect path via FiveTran etc)

The data isolated in Replit will not be useful since I have teams working on the data via Looker and Redshift which synchs to mySql db.

I can’t connect to mySql from Replit because I can’t whitelist the IP addresses and AWS MySql does not support tunneling (and user/pass security is inadequate). I just need to be able to write to an external db. I would like to scale up Replit for my departments but the inability to talk to our databases (will also need read access at some point) is a deal killer and will force me to switch host and IDE environments if I can’t find a way to do it soon. I am using Node and nearly ready for the db connection.


Surprised to realize that, Replit dosen’t already offer this !