Extensions Are Not Working


Mine works. Which extension is this? (I’m too lazy to get the url from the id)

The same thing for every extension

Did you check that the URL is valid and is connected to a Repl?

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The extension beta ngl quite buggy, because it is a beta. The go-to fix is usually CTRL+F5

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True, but that does not fix it

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Delete and recreate the extension. Maybe it bugged out during the creation process.

I have not created a extension or am creating one. I tried using a few extensions but those errored out

Wait, I just realised you have a console tab in your Repl.

You can’t use the Node.js Repl template to create extensions (well you can, but it needs to host a website to display the content).
You will have to use the HTML, CSS, JS or React Repl template.

As it is beta, things change quickly, but some extensions do not. Like the old json viewer extension no longer works and has not been updated. Some just might not work, but others should.

Oh… Does git diff viewer work for you?

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