Extension store won't load

Problem description:
The extension store will not load for me. I am not sure if I just don’t have access yet (even though I was told I did) or if the store just isn’t working.

Expected behavior:
The extension store loads.

Actual behavior:
It doesnt.

Steps to reproduce:
Go to any repl and try and get extensions.

Bug appears at this link:

Microsoft Edge/Microsoft/PC

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Not exactly sure what the problem is. Try being more specific.

Wdym? The extension store won’t load… Thats pretty straightforward XD.

won’t load for me either, but as far as I can tell they’ve basically removed the UI for it and now you have to do:
TL;DR: press ctrl + k, press extensions, press store


That doesn’t seem to work for me, and some of the UI for it has returned.


yeah the store option doesnt even show up…


@JayAySeaOhBee14 @Firepup650 that’s weird because it shows up for me, do you have beta access?

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I’m not sure, I do have the extensions panel though.

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I emailed anav or whatever their name is and they said I do.

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hmmm can you send me screenshots?

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also i can now see 4 extensions somehow :confused:

those are just my files that say “store” lol and also type in extensions?

no store:

if you press that button it’ll take you to the curated store

Yeah like i said it works now but it only shows 4

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interesting can I see what happens when you do ctrl k?

hmm that’s what used to happen to me before I had beta access :frowning:


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I guess I don’t then. Oh well.

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