Exporting all instructions, starter code, solutions, and unit tests for a team

Does anyone know an elegant way to be able to export all assignments from a replit Team for Edu? I would like to download all my instructions, starter code, solutions, and unit tests so that I have a local copy. This is such a necessary feature. Going in and manually downloading each .zip it is such a cumbersome process, not to mention that it does not export unit tests and you have to individually download the starting assignment and the solution. Does anyone have a better solution?

Hi, did you get anywhere with this as I’d like to do the same? I’m sure there was a way to do it in the past but I can’t find it now.

Hi @mrBaxter @MichaelDArgenio !
Replit mentioned that they are working on a tool to export all these.
IIRC, it was in the older Teams for EDU but it was removed, and Replit may be adding it back for teachers to export the data.

Thanks. An export tool would be great.

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