Explain me this code please

import random,time,os

def add():
  idea = input("input your idea ")
  f = open("my.ideas", "a+")
  f.write(f"{idea}\n ")

def show():
  f = open("my.ideas", "r")
  ideas = f.read().split("\n")
  idea = random.choice(ideas)

while True:
  menu = input("1: Add idea\n2: Show a random idea\n> ")
  if menu == "1":

The first line, import random, time, os, imports the required modules for the program, random, time, and os.

Then, the def add(): part creates a function called add. It is indented to show that it is a function.

The os.system("clear") line clears the screen.

The idea = input("input your idea") line gets user input and puts it into a variable called idea.

Next the f = open("my.ideas", "a+") opens a file called my.ideas with appending permissions.

f.write(f"{idea}\n ") writes the user-inputted idea variable to the file and then a newline escape sequence.

f.close() closes the file.

time.sleep(1) delays program execution for 1 second.

Then, again, os.system("clear") clears the screen.

After that, another function is created called show, which starts by clearing the screen.

Then, again, the my.ideas file is reopened with reading permissions this time.

The ideas = f.read().split("\n") puts the ideas into an array, first reading the my.ideas file, then getting each line of it.

ideas.remove("") removes all empty ideas from the array.

idea = random.choice(ideas) gets a random idea from the array.

Then, the idea is printed using print(idea).

The time.sleep(1), again, delays program execution for a second.

The screen is cleared again using os.system("clear").

Next, there is a while loop. A while True: loop means that the loop will never be stopped unless it is stopped using a break statement or the program is manually stopped.

Next, menu = input("1: Add idea\n2: Show a random idea\n> ") prompts the user for input:

If the user answered 1 (add idea) then the add() function is called.

Otherwise, the show() function is called (to show a random idea).


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