Expected workflow of courses ending and starting the next

Hi all,

I have been using Replit since the start of the pandemic which saw the school here switch to a “quadmester” system where basically we were teaching just 2 courses at a time, switching 4 times throughout the year. Because of this I really only had 1 computer course at a time and so had only the one Team for Education subscription but needed to switch out the members between quads for the new class.

I ended up having to duplicate projects for each section within the same team to restart the projects for the new section so I could maintain the submissions from the previous sections (often still marking the Final Projects for one Quad while the next was getting started).

Now I know last year was odd but it does raise some questions about what the correct path forward would be. Obviously having a site license to make as many teams as you want would solve this but that’s not my reality.

So the questions are:

  1. What is the expected workflow for ending/starting different courses if you only have one team (or limited #)?

  2. Once students are removed from a team, what happens to their submissions? Do the teachers still retain access to them? I was sure this was the case earlier in the year however reviewing things now, I cannot see them anymore? What is the expected behaviour?

Retaining students work (CPT Projects and exams for example) is actually a requirement of the board for a certain number of years here in Ontario. If the submissions are not going to be accessible when the student is removed from the Team, then there needs to be some way to bulk download student work for archive purposes (probably should be anyways).


Hi @GregReid , thanks for reaching out!

We’re moving towards a per-seat subscription model which will give all subscribers unlimited teams with a set number of users. You can reach us at education@replit.com if you’d like more information! In the meantime, I recommend users go through the following workflow:

  1. Create a Share Projects link so you can easily duplicate your projects into another Team.
  2. Archive the old Team. This will give you and your student read-only access to all of their work .
  3. Create a new team and add projects using the link you created in Step 1!

Once students are removed from a team, their submissions will also be removed from the team. They can maintain access to their work by moving their work into their personal Replit accounts.

Bulk downloading student work is on our roadmap for this summer, so stay tuned!

Let me know if you need anything else on here or email me at education@replit.com and I’d be happy to help!

“Once students are removed from a team, their submissions will also be removed from the team…”

That seems to be different behaviour from what I experienced during the course of the year, I was pretty sure I still had access to prior students work during some of my quad switches.

So if the student did not backup their work (I did suggest they do so) and I have removed them from the class, that work is permanently deleted now? Just want to be absolutely clear on that before I reply to students who are currently looking for stuff.

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Hi Greg,
Thankfully, the projects are not permanently deleted! If your students would like to access their projects again, you can add them back to the team and their projects will show up again! I recommend you add them back, have them export their work into their personal Replit accounts, then you can remove them again once they’re all done.

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Hey Greg,

I made this the other day to help speed the process for my bulk downloads. Help yourself if it works for your needs.



Woah, this is so cool!!!

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Didn’t see this until now. Looks cool. Too bad @GregReid hasn’t logged in since the day they made their account.

Yea that’s too bad. Ah well. It works well for my needs. I download all student content as our district requires the files for future audits after the course completes. Additionally I run some of the more complicated projects thru MOSS so I need to have the .py files locally.

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Thanks for the suggestion - I haven’t had a chance to try it yet but it looks interesting. Been working more with the Git integration with my seniors as a more effective way to manage their code.

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Quick question for you then, have you had success using Replit and GitHub classroom at all?

I ran into some issues when linking a classroom repo with a teams Replit. I also migrate my seniors over to GitHub about halfway thru the course but for my grade 10s and 11’s however I like using the Replit I/O tests.

It would be nice to use Replit for the IDE and I/O tests while committing to GitHub classroom

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No I was using Github classroom briefly before I got into Replit but not since (one too many LMSs). It was mostly experimentation last term - we were doing a large grade 12 project, 10 students colaborating on different parts of a larger solution and trying to use Git to manage the code base.

But our board has put some sort of limitation on the network this year (wasn’t there last year) preventing the students from directly logging into GitHub. We were able to work around it since Replit integration is outside the board network but it would still trip up from time to time. So until I get that sorted, further work got put on hold.

Issue we ran into was the Replit integration seems primarily focus on pushing your content up to GitHub - basically backing up your code. When everyone was working on their own files/classes it was ok but once we started integrating and touching each others code - the integration doesn’t have anything to handle merging of conflicts (either throw out the server changes or throw out yours - which is pretty extreme). But I suppose that’s why it’s still in Beta

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