Exercism "working locally" on replit?

I’m trying to learn to code while at work. I can’t install anything on the computer I’m on so I thought I would try replit. On the dart track in exercism it only has a “working locally” option. I followed the instructions but I don’t know how to access the exercises. The shell looks like everything was done without error.

Is it possible to do this? What am I missing? I’ve tried to CD into the hello-world directory but i don’t know how to open the files.

You can open a console in replit and just type exercism. Nix will figure out where to get it and install it. Then follow the instructions on the link you posted.

Here is the sequence after exercism is installed (this example is for csharp, but you can use anything, depending on your repl setup):

exercism configure --token=<copy from your settings page>
 exercism configure -w . # this sets the download folder to the current path
exercism download --exercise=hello-world --track=csharp
exercism submit
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you’ll have to configure the run settings in .replitas well… and to submit, cd into the directory where the exercise is stored, e.g. csharp/hello-world

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