"except" keyword cannot be correctly indented in python

Problem description

In python, a try except block statement cannot be correctly indented automatically if the try is already indented

Expected behavior

the try except else should indent correctly, just like how if else and if elif else works

Actual behavior

unlike if statements, the except cannot automatically indent down after typing, and attempting to type an exception after the except (to capture specific exception) will result in automatic deletion of the exception, as well as the colon

Steps to reproduce

make a python repl
type a try statement, the try should be indented
try to type except in a new line
try to type an exception after except



Device & OS

Ipad, with IpadOS


The deletion is because you didn’t add a space, and so the “keyword” exceptErr was corrected to except since there was no space to deliminate the keyword.

you can clearly see me press the space on the keyboard and it does show up for a split second, and replit just automatically deleted the space, as well as everything else

I did add the space, the ide deleted it