Excel read and generate sql


I have my schema data dictionary on excel file, can replit read that file and generate sql based on text search. File contains column name , data type, description and abbreviations as well with some sample values.

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I’d assume that there is a code library out there which does just that. Which language are you using?

I am using python, I ahve tried Azure open AI but that didn’t generate sql as per ask. Is there any library and code you can refer which i can use would be very helpful.

Try using the native python pandas module for data processing:

# importing pandas as pd 
import pandas as pd 
# read an excel file and convert  
# into a dataframe object 
df = pd.DataFrame(pd.read_excel("Test.xlsx")) 
# show the dataframe 

useful: https://saturncloud.io/blog/how-to-use-python-and-pandas-to-convert-xlsx-to-csv-and-remove-the-index-column/

I think there is miscommunication happened. I know pandas and all. My question is here is their any AI based script created that can read Data dictionary and generate run time sql as per user query for ex- From salesforce data if i ask give me account name from Florida state?

I have used Streamlit and Azure Open AI but that did not work as per expectations

why would you need AI for deterministic data parsing? That would only mess up the data. Are you trying to use AI to generate data based on the CSV values? You shouldn’t use AI to deterministically parse data at all, and should instead use a data structure instead.