Even with "Always On" the bot goes down.

I used “Always On” to keep the Discord bot (using Node.js) working all the time, but sometimes I get an error like the one in the image and the bot goes down. Each time I run “$ kill 1” in the shell and restart it.
Please let me know how to solve this problem. I want it to work always on.
I checked my code many times and it was accurate.

Hey @moca welcome to the forums.

This may be due to the large number of discord bots hosted on Replit. I would recomend that you try hosting another platform or wait until Replit has dedicated hosting for discord bots.

Theres other resources for hosting bots like this program which makes your bot stay online if the program stays online. It’s used to get the developer badge, but it makes your bot stay up. It’s important to have it opened, If not your bot will not stay up.

Hi @moca did you work your problem out in the end? Or move to an alternative service, as suggested by the other reply?