Ethical hacking?

Problem description

hi my name is Toshio during my Testing of c program Terminal called CLI Delta i accidentally discovered i can exit from the running directory and go to different directories and explored them they were directories such as bin,user,run and bin was the most protected one of all of them. But i was able to go to a directory known as run and make a million of text files of my name which was silly…But report that the directory known as run was not protected and i was able to delete the files . thank you

Expected behavior

i already

Actual behavior

i already

Steps to reproduce

please delete my files from the run Directory




Windows x

Device if mobile




Please upload screenshots

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A hard Repl restart (kill 1) should wipe those files since they’re in a non-standard Repl folder.

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I believe that those are temporary files and deleting them wouldn’t be considered hacking since you should already be able to do so in normal linux distros.


Yes you’re correct in the next day all the files were gone . But Iam still missing my program formatter in my replit.

but although I am still missing program formatter from my replit and language support is not working up to this day I still don’t know how to fix those

Try making a new bug report topic since they sound like different issues.

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