Error with history button

Hello good afternoon. I’m Brazilian, so I’m sorry if the pronunciations aren’t correct.

Problem description:
The problem is that the history button is no longer working in the app version

Expected behavior:
When I clicked on the history button it would show the history of edits in the code

Actual behavior:
The “Spaces:” button is useless and on top of that they overlap on top of the history button, so there is no way to click it without using the browser

Make the history button clickable and more visible, for example before “Spaces”.

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This has been happening to a lot of people regardless of being on the app or browser. It’s not that it’s to small, it just doesn’t work. To my knowledge there is currently not a fix to this, sorry. It is not on there yet but if it is you can check


Hi All. I’m looking into it internally with the team. I can reproduce on both the mobile browser and the mobile app on my Android.
Thank you for reporting it.


This should be fixed now. Thanks everyone!


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