Error while running a python program


I get the below error .Is there any installation that is missing?

ImportError: OpenCV loader: missing configuration file: [‘’]. Check OpenCV installation.

Hey, @LALIT-NARAYANNA welcome to the forums!

Can you please include a link to your repl?

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Iam trying to do the 100 days of python course.Below is the URL.

1. Jarvis Virtual Assistant/1. - 02 Day2 - Application of Python - Replit

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Hi @LALIT-NARAYANNA this is not related to Replit’s #100-days-of-code .

You are working through the course created by this person Some Amazing Python Programs - The Power of Python | Python Tutorial - Day #2 - YouTube so if you have any difficulties you should get in touch with them in the first instance.

Hope this helps.

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