Error setting up OpenAI, Modal, Smol-Developer


I’m trying to follow the smol-ai/developer repo setup instructions GitHub - smol-ai/developer: with 100k context windows on the way, it's now feasible for every dev to have their own smol developer
I’ve got the repo cloned, although I probably didn’t do that right. Everything to run was in the “Developer” folder so I deleted Replit’s default and moved everything out of the Developer folder into the top level.
I’ve got Modal and OpenAI secrets, and Modal seems to be working.
Two questions at the moment:

  1. it keeps refusing to recognize the OPENAI_API_KEY secret. Last night I couldn’t get past that. The shell kept saying there was no secret. Ghostwriter wasn’t any help either.
  2. this morning it doesn’t even get there I just get
AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'local_uuid'

Repl link:

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