Error Occurs in 100 Days of Python Course

I am currently learning Python with the 100 Days of Code course and have encountered errors on days 24 and 25.

  • Day 24 “Parameters”: When I try to complete the step “Add More Arguments,” I receive the error message “Error: 7b5b04c2a54a4f059cee8206e29deb9d.” I have tried reloading the page and logging back in, but the error persists.
  • Day 25 “Return”: When I try to complete the step “Common Errors,” I receive the error message “Error: 39da9c637545436baa000d8a74a34112.”

I am using MacOS 12.6.4 and Chrome 113.0.5672.126.

Any help resolving these errors would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

please include a link to the repl so community members can help you

My repl link is
Error occurs when I click the “Common Errors” parts of day 25’s tutorial, code is no error.