Error message when trying to run Flask/Panda

Hi! I’m getting an error message all of a sudden when trying to run a web api I am working to create using Flask and pandas. I am able to run certain programs in my account, but new ones are not working. See attached error message. Thanks for any help!

Hi @amberp813 thanks for joining the Repl Ask community! Welcome!

Can you please post a link to your Repl?

You got it: Column Practice Panda and Flask - Replit

same :frowning: here’s some more characters that it’s asking for.

Hi @amberp813 and @13111y
Thanks for both your messages. I think we’ve managed to work out what the issue is behind the scenes.

I’ve created a fork of @amberp813 's repl and downgraded it from Python 3.10 to Python 3.8. Click here to see it.

If you want to downgrade your existing repl to Python 3.8 please go to shell and enter the following three lines:

  1. curl -o .replit
  2. curl -o replit.nix
  3. curl -sL | bash

It will take a few minutes to process, especially the last step, but then (hopefully) your modules will import correctly.

Thank you so much for your reply and help! I’ll check out the solution as some of my students were having the same problem yesterday. I appreciate your help and time! Amber

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