Error install libraries!

Problem description: I’m not able to install the following packages: idna, flask,, (I think so), and I’m not able to install anything either via shell/console or by the de: package function. All are giving error and I can’t even get into root mode via shell (sudo su) to try to install. Could you please check?

Expected behavior: Being able to install packages.

Actual behavior: Installation errors by Shell/Console or function (packager)

Steps to reproduce: In code try to run a Python program that uses Flask via run function (It says there is no Flask module), Then try to install via shell or package (pip install flask latest), it doesn’t install. If you want, you can use other modules/libraries mentioned above.

Bug appears at this link: NO

Browser/OS/Device: Browser Google chrome

Hi @SGZN , welcome to the forums!
Can you try poetry add to install modules?
Like this:
poetry add flask idna
Enter that in the Shell.
Hope this helps!

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Bro, ty for respose to me. But not Worked.

:wave: Hi @SGZN!

Replit allowing access to root mode/sudo would be a huge security risk.

We need the link to your Repl to troubleshoot. I’m able to install all the packages you listed via upm add flask idna in the Shell in a brand new Python Repl.

If not, please send a minimal Repl which reproduces the issue or at least send us the error messages you’re receiving.

P.S. is there any reason you have chosen not to send us a link? If there is confidential information in your application, please use Secrets to hide it.

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Good night! How should I proceed if this happens in any project I start, whether in python or node (the languages I use and have identified). I’ll send you the link to one of the projects and the screenshots if it helps below.

Don’t use pip, use poetry.
Try poetry add flask or upm add flask.

That should still fail as upmpoetrypip (Where “→” is a call to the next program)

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A: Please send a video or screenshots of what happens when you try to install a package via shell.

B: Try using:

python - mpip install (module name)

It does seem likely that you’ve tried this, but I’d need to see what actually happens in the shell to help more… I’m also not sure if replit supports the latest version for some modules, so I’d try messing with the syntax (trying to install specific versions, etc.)

not worked man i try all

not worked… I try used all methods

Have you tried forking the repl or creating a new one? Sometimes they just get corrupted.

I thought they said it happened in any repl he starts?
The only possibility I really see is that they’re missing something when trying to install modules. If we could see video or screenshots of them trying to install a module, then it would make more sense…

Seems like a generic “if this happens again, how do I fix it?” more than “this happens on every single repl” to me.

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Well, besides the fact I haven’t seen a corrupted repl yet, but I’m probably wrong lol. @SGZN, please put a screenshot or video of what happens when you try to install a module.

I’ve got it ty for support me

python3 -mpip install flask

i got it used this,


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