Error in replit.nix doesn't refresh

I made a mistake in the replit.nix, and not the repl is stuck and not rebooting with the new replit.nix
How do I kill it and make it use the new one?

You could try reverting the file history, copying replit.nix from a good Repl, or copying your code to a new Repl. If you have a large program and hand-copying is laborious, you could download the code, extract the ZIP file, and then upload all those files and folders (should be click and drag, or you can use the upload icon). Just make sure that replit.nix is not included in the downloaded files (I don’t think it should be).

The code was all ok and I could edit the code.
Just forking it fixed it.
But this is a bug, there should be a way to restart the container and make it use the latest code instead of getting stuck.

You can usually restart the repl with kill 1 in the shell if it is an issue.