Error i dont understand

i got this error and idk how to fix it first time i got this

Hey, @AlexandreParrot welcome to the forums!

Can you please provide a link to the repl?



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That link is a 404. Please try again. - lounge - Replit

Is this a private Repl? It’s still not working. Or did you rename it? - lounge - Replit i put it public
suppose to work

That works. I’ll look at it now. EDIT: I can’t fix this code but hooray your URL works!

i can give you the link for fix it if you want idm

Never share an invite link on a public post in Ask. And I said that I cannot fix your program but you did successfully put a working link to the Repl in your post.

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alrr did you find the error?

I keep trying to tell you that I don’t understand the program nor will I take the time to. I have other things to do and it has too many imported modules for me to try to figure out right now. So no, I didn’t find the error.

oh alr my bad i missread

Hi @AlexandreParrot thanks for sharing your link.

When I fork and run I see this:


Can you explain what you are doing just before you see the error message?

@AlexandreParrot I’m currently getting this error:

  File "", line 70
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

While leads to this:


But I don’t understand what you’re trying to do (though I do think you’re making a bot for something…?), so I can’t really help you, but I do know that line 70 to 72 is incorrect Python syntax but looks like you’re trying to make a function or something (IDK).

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im trying to run the command .roles and then the error appear

yeah sm1 told me to remove the innit and keep only this but ig he was wrong

I think this might have to do with updating with breaking changes (I had to fix my code too). Do you use