Error for Free domain assigned to everyone

Problem description:
The problem with the Free Domain that is assigned to everyone when registering and starting the project, when the Project is started in the console, it shows like this, and when you go to the domain, the site is not available, it used to work

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Hi @MilenkoBajkin1 welcome to the community.

Can you share a link to the Repl affected please so others in the community can see the issue and suggest some ideas?

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This is how it shows me when I go to the domain that the page is not available

And this is how it shows in the Console:

Hey @MilenkoBajkin1!

It looks like your code is running into an error, which is preventing the website from being hosted on the domain for your Repl:




It’s not about the console, it’s about above the console I’m talking web view
After I start the Project in the console, it reads Codes and a Webview appears above that shows this picture:

But when I go to this domain that is assigned to me

We show that the page is not available like this:

And it should point to that domain as it does in Webview it used to work before Replit started updating the systems

Yes, but because your code is running into an error, there will be no website showing up on the domain. That’s why you are seeing the “not available” error for the domain.

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@ShaneAtReplit Look above what I added :point_up_2:

We show that message whenever a Repl runs into an error when starting. In this case, this is expected as your Repl encounters the error I shared here. It’s a generic message and can be ignored unless your Repl boots up without error and should be serving a website.

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@ShaneAtReplit I followed your systems how they worked and I say that it is not a problem in the console But I say when Any project is started what is displayed in the web view should also be displayed on the domain that I go to

But the domain I go to shows only that the page is not available

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Regardless of whether the Project is Launched or not

I understand your frustration, you want the content of your preview to be displayed in your domain, but because the ./lib/state.js module can’t be found in the preview, your domain is not connecting properly. If you fix the error in your code, your domain should start showing your preview. If the issue continues after fixing the code issue please let me know.

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