Error discord.ext.commands.errors.CommandNotFound: Command "join" is not found

When ever I run my code it doesnt work and gives me the error discord.ext.commands.errors.CommandNotFound: Command “join” is not found
Here is the code: import discordfrom discord.ext import commandsimport -
any help appreciated!

are you trying to use !join in a Discord channel that the bot has access to? If you use slash commands (or at least a more unique command_prefix, or only allowing the bot to access the channel it needs to access) you won’t have problems colliding with other bots and unnecessarily processing commands. Slash commands are also more intuitive and performant.

Yes the bot has access to the channel. The only command thats works is “Test” and but the other ones get the same error
Plus its the only bot in the server.

The code you are using is outdated (by a lot).

For example, you are trying to use create_ytdl_player method but according to

  • create_ffmpeg_player/create_stream_player/create_ytdl_player have all been removed.

And this was removed in the v1.0 version.

All methods you are using to voice client (connecting, playing, disconnecting) are outdated too.

I’d recommend you create a new bot from start using the latest version of docs.

Oh okay, thank you. I quit python a few years ago and came back, didn’t know has changed.