Error deploying

exec [python3] error=exec: already started
starting up user application
import requests
import json

response = requests.get("")

# Minor improvement: Directly writing the response content to the file.
with open("PASSWORDS.txt", "a") as f:
    # Assuming you want to write the response text, not the object representation.
    f.write("\n" + response.text) 
# Changed from str(response) to response.text

Hi @alford , welcome to the forums!
What deployment method are you using?

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sorry i forgot to specifiy i am using auto scale deployments

Hi @alford !
Try deploying it as a Reserved VM, Background worker instead.
Autoscale is for webservers, and your code doesn’t look like it has one.
Hope this helps!

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Please also note that all deployments should have a loop and not exit.