Error appears everytime I erase many letters quickly

Problem description:
Error on replit after erasing many letters quickly.

Expected behavior:
No error.

Actual behavior:
Error appears.

Steps to reproduce:
Erase many letters quickly.

Bug appears at this link:

Android 12 ( Application)

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Please add a screenshot, because I could not replicate it. Thank you!


Here I experienced it again.

So did here.

Try holding the erase button for so long, also when doing multiple actions within the code editor fires up the error.

This is a inconvenience for me because whenever this appears the last code I did sometimes doesn’t get updated in time therefore I had to redo the code overall.

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Hey @Vinzerr, welcome to the community!

Erasing many characters usually won’t make the error appear. It could be some firewall that is blocking Replit from sending too much data.

Also, if you try to immediately update something that is already taking place, it will also cause the error, as the Repl is trying to update two versions of it at the same time.