ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR on all team projects

Bug description:
All members of my team get the “sent an invalid response” error whenever html projects are edited. These are students in a class and all are experiencing this error.

Screenshot(s)/Screen Recording:


Hi @MrRobinette , welcome to the forums!
Can you try changing your DNS to or It seems to solve the problem.
Hope this helps!

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Not sure how to do that. I’m on school computers with no admin rights, so can’t do this locally if that’s what you mean.

Thank you so much for your reply.

Hello @MrRobinette. Thank you for sending the details and the recording.

I checked your account and this Repl from your video. It seems to be working without issue when I tested. I’d recommend similar troubleshooting steps to this post if you get to time to review. In particular, your IT folks can help you out.

This is most certainly not resolved. What similar troubleshooting steps?

Are you able to see the link I posted above “Help Fixing WebView output…”? It displays as a preview box in the forums so it’s easy to miss if you’re not used to seeing that.

I will link it here as well so it’s just a blue link.

Yes. Tried everything in the entire thread. Didn’t work.

@MrRobinette Interesting, what did your IT folks assist with and were they able to capture a packet trace? Did they flush your DNS or take other steps to troubleshoot? I’m curious how they assisted and if they can provide more information.

Also, can you elaborate on which browsers, devices, and networks you’re tried?

Again, I checked your Repl and it loaded fine for me. I am on my personal home network using the latest version of Google Chrome on my MacBook Pro.

All steps in the troubleshooting process and docs that I have seen have been tried by one of our techs, who I’ve been working with for the last 2 days.

I have yet to see a single success story on these boards in terms of getting this to work with a school DNS without a workaround. I don’t think multiple DNS flushes and continuous trial and error fixes in combination with ridiculous workarounds suggested is reasonable This is an issue on your end, as it was working fine until you changed something.

Yesterday I tried a similar application that works just fine with the same files.

Finally got web files working after going through trial and error for over 2 hours with IT. Now I’m trying to do a swing project with my AP Class, and getting the “Trouble connecting to the server error”. This is really stupid. You have to know at this point what you changed to make this happen. I can’t imagine why any professional would use this for any purpose. I will be making other arrangements for next year.

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