ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR on a new custom domain

I created a deployment linked to a custom domain. The A and TXT DNS records have been added correctly, and the domain successfully linked as reported by Repl. The Repl-provided URL for the deployment behaves as it should, but the linked domain reports an ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR. I’ve seen this topic referenced in the past, but I haven’t seen any clear solutions. I have unlinked and relinked the domain, but the issue remains. It has been 60 hours since the original deployment and custom domain linking, so is it possible that I simply have to wait longer?

The custom domain site is
The Repl provided URL is:

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We are having this issue too!

@StevenMiller3, is missing the required replit-verify TXT record. Please add it in your DNS provider and try again.

Here is a screenshot of the TXT record that I added when I deployed to the domain according to the instructions. If I did something incorrectly, please let me know. In the meantime I will delete and re-add the record to see if that has an effect.

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@lincoln-replit I have deleted and re-added the TXT DNS record and then unlinked and re-linked the domain. I also deleted all other TXT records just to be safe. Same issue. I then changed the name of the TXT record from “” to “@”. Still no luck. I can see that the TXT record has propagated and Repl again reports that my domain is verified.

Your TXT record has double quotes surrounding the value. Unless this is what your DNS provider does by default, you should remove them, and wait before trying again.

@haroon I deleted the quotes, but they were just added right back by the provider.

Contact your provider then. Replit will understand your TXT as:

  '"replit-verify': '....."'

instead of

  'replit-verify': '........'

meaning that your domain won’t link properly.

Are you certain about that? Replit is reporting that my domain is verified, which unless I’m misunderstanding, means that is recognizing the TXT record as legitimate. Also, if I look at what is being propagated through, there are no quotes on the value of the record.

The quotes are not an issue. I’m looking into your case – the DNS records look like they are set up correctly now.

Actually @StevenMiller3, I think the issue is the AAAA record that you have on the domain. AAAA is the IPv6 version of A, so it conflicts with the A record. Please delete the AAAA record and try again.

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@lincoln-replit I was actually wondering about that. That looks like it was the problem. Thanks!

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