Epic new project

I made a very epic new project, better then google docs and microsoft word combined. If you don’t believe me you should totally go check it out and leave some feedback in the replies, and even if you do believe me (which you should) you should still go check it out


By the way lets just also admire how beautiful the art is…thanks

Hope you enjoyed the project!

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@JohnnySuriano can you add text or change it? For the background I recommend rounding the corners. You should allow users to make docs instead of just throwing them in one. BTW you should authenticate the user with Replit so they can store their own docs separate from others.


Not useful on an HTML, CSS, JS Repl (no backend)

Thanks i’ll try to add that

@SalladShooter added 2 of your ideas, wdyt of the execution of them?

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Since no one said it yet…

I have one suggestion: In the titleChange() function, add some code to set the placeholder text of the prompt to the current text, instead of the ‘Hello world’ default. Do this also for the paragraph change.

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Good Idea! I’ll try to add that in soon

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I’m going to make a new project just like this someday… It’s gonna be called Moogle Docs.