Environmental variables to keep dev and prod replit DB separate

I have a project which is a React TS front end, deployed in one repl, and a node.js backend, which is deployed in another repl. As far as i can tell, the data in replit DB for the backend is shared completely by the backend deployed and dev versions. What i want to do is have the deployed, production version of my front end only use replit DB data from the deployed version of the back end, and have the dev version of my front end only use replit DB data from the dev version of the back end. How do i do this?
I know that replit secrets can be used for environmental values, but i dont understand how to set them up to do what i described. Can anyone walk me through the basics? Thanks!
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Hey there @Lukewhite9 .

I enjoyed hearing a bit about your project. This is a bit of a more involved question as it involves implementation and you could honestly go a few different directions.

For example, you could create a new Repl and build an API to interface with the Replit DB. It could act as a proxy instead of communicating with the DB directly from the other Repls. This is just one idea that one of my colleagues mentioned, but I’m sure there are other ways you could go about it as well.

If you need more help, you can try posting on Code Help with more details about your implementation and any specific issues you run into.