Enums for Interaction

I want to get the message someone sent while detecting an interaction, and the name of the user who sent it. Currently, interactions.usershows the user id, not their name.

Can You Explain More What Do You Want And Type The Command Name For More Explain

When someone runs a command, I would like to get their username.

You Can Use interaction.user.username

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He is Talking About Discord.js v14

@BlueFlameIsHere but that is still JS. It’s also coded in Node.js. GageM1 is literally using JS files in their code.

Yes, But He Want To Get Command Executor Username

@GageM1 use this »

user = interaction.user.username;
user = user.toString();
if (user.includes("!")) {
    user = user.split("!")[1].split(">")[0];
} else {
    user = user.split("@")[1].split(">")[0];

It gets the username and tag of the user.

I Prefer To Use interaction.user.username Because He is Using interaction Not message And This Is Easier

@BlueFlameIsHere there, done.

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