Enter key press simulated constantly

Problem description:
When in the text editor (unsure if python specific), the editor will constantly act as if the enter key is being pressed every 1-2 seconds, leading to endless blank newlines and cursor moves, code suggestion acceptances, and other issues that make using the app absolutely completely impossible.

Expected behavior:
No behavior should occur at all without user input

Actual behavior:
Endless newlines at the bottom of the code

Steps to reproduce:

Open the app and an editor instance

Bug appears at this link:


Samsung galaxy s20

Hi @abehlok2 , welcome to the forums! I can see that this problem exists on your handphone, is it also present on your laptop or PC?

Im not sure what distinction you are drawing between handphone and mobile phone but this is occurring on my samsung galaxy s20, which is my sole non-desktop device.

Can you try forking this repl and see if the forked version has no error?

A forked version of the project has the same issue. As does an entirely fresh repl.

Can you confirm that you are using the latest version of the mobile app?

So sorry, I meant laptop or PC, not mobile phone!

I am currently using version 2.44.0, which i asume is the most current release

The bug seems to be isolated to my mobile device. I havent experienced any issues on desktop so far, although i am currently away from home for another day or so so I havent used the desktop versuon all that much.

Have you experienced this error in earlier versions, or is the latest version the only one you have?

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I am a new user, so i have only used the current version.

Can you try uninstalling and re-installing the app?

What happens if you use replit.com from your mobile browser instead of the mobile app?

The issue persists after re-installing. Seems to be working property in-browser though although that’s obviously not ideal

I’ll pass this along to the Mobile team and see what they can do.