Ensure that you don't repost info found in other replies

@Bedrockminer thats literally what I said

Please don’t copy/repost what people have already said.

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That’s not what I was doing. I didn’t actually see any of your posts, I just pressed reply and typed something. Sorry though

@Bedrockminer its ok but next time please look at current posts before you reply to prevent posting info that’s already been said.

I see your view but also if multiple people say the same thing then it will make OP know “hmm, that’s a good idea then” so it’s not really bad. It’s not like he “stole” your thought

@boston2029 when I have seen people say the same thing TL4+ will usually frown at the idea.

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What do you mean? Who is TL4 (I know what the role means but like, who are you referring to)

@boston2029 I don’t want to say specifics but Qwerty has I believe.

Hey all, sounds like an honest mistake! As a rule of thumb, check if a post already exists before posting something new (this goes for topics and responses!). This helps keep the forum tidy and easily searched. If you want to support or double down on something someone already said, then give it a :heart: or :+1: reaction!