Enhanced Collaboration, Code Review, Language Support, and Learning Resources

Describe your feature request
Here are several general feature requests.

Improved Collaboration Features: Replit already supports collaboration, but enhancing real-time collaboration features would be a game-changer. Features like video/audio chat within the platform would make it easier for teams to work together seamlessly.

Enhanced Code Review Tools: Many developers use Replit for coding assignments or working on projects with others. Implementing a built-in code review system with features like commenting, suggesting changes, and version history comparisons could streamline the code review process.

Extended Language Support: Expanding the range of programming languages and frameworks available on Replit would attract a broader audience of developers. This could include support for more niche or specialized languages, as well as regularly updating existing language versions. (Y’all do pretty good with this but I would love to see WikiText enabled!)

Enhanced Learning Resources: Investing in more comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and learning resources within Replit could help users of all skill levels. This could include interactive coding challenges, coding courses, and more.


These are some great ideas! I’ve forwarded this to the staff to take a look :smile:

For this point, Replit technically supports any language. Basically, Replit uses Nix, so anyone can create a Nix package containing everything you need for a language and you should be able to use that in your Repls.


@MattDESTROYER Why Thank you! I have another post for ask.replit.com/c/support/feature-requests/37, but I’ve reached my topic limit for the day😭. (in 21 hours I’ll post it.)

I see, Sorry I was unaware of this :sweat_smile:.


Thanks for sharing this feedback! I know you have a post limit, but in the future, plz share these as separate posts so others can upvote them individually!

@MattDESTROYER is totally right, we are integrated with Nix which allows you to configure your Repls to work with just about any language. I’ll take note about WikiText.

As for the other items - our workspace and resources are important to us and we’ll continue iterating and updating them, so this is helpful input!