Engage Community Giving Cycles For Bug/Mistake Reports

Hey people,

as we all have might seen, there are a ton of low quality bug reports, but also there’s a lot of information to be written in detail. For example, there other day I had to report not 1 or 2 bug reports/mistake. I had to report 12! I’ve done this by a secret Slack channel since I sadly didn’t have the time to write so many bug/mistake reports.

I think that there wouldn’t be so many low quality reports, if there was a reward for catching bugs, in this case cycles! Yes, there is a hacker one things, but that’s mainly for security stuff.


When they add an endpoint to grant cheers through the API we can give them cheers also. @IanAtCSTeach if you like that can you email discourse showing our interest.


I like that idea :slight_smile: cheers to be rewarded for good topics.

Hello! Excellent, you are very well done!

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