End The Debate Are 404 Screens Possible

Is it possible to create a 404 custom screen? If so how would someone go about it.

Yes, it is possible. Just use a non-static repl.

I’m gonna keep it a buck 50 I dont know or what I’m supposed to do with this. I think my website isn’t a non-static.

As long as it is not an HTML, CSS, JS Repl then it’s non-static. Please provide a link to your Repl so we can help you easier.

Well in that case that is utterly useless than lol.

There is a way to do it using nodejs. Check out this post for an explanation of how.

Yes! This is actually possible, just make sure that what ever coding IDE you’re using supports custom web pages and make sure to use a non static replit! This is also possible in javascript using Node.js as well, just make sure you’re using ejs and a renderTemplate function (which is declared cause if not then it won’t work, a clear example of this working is Pogy, which can be found at GitHub - Pogy-Bot/Pogy: A fully customizable bot built with 147 commands, 11 categories and a dashboard using discord.js v13)

I have went and tried this for some reason when I move index.html into the folder the entire thing breaks.

Could you send the link to your Repl then? We can’t help you if you don’t let us.

Sure but I want to keep trying with some things before I basically beg for help :joy:

Could you show what is in your index.js file?

I aint gonna lie i basically just forked Qwertys Project and tried yeeting it in so let me try again before I ask you for help fully

Didn’t you just call Qwerty useless tho?

1v1 me right now or you’re scared

What? Can you elaborate please?

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