End of replit - my existing Curriculum

Anyone know a way to save all of their stuff without going through each project one by one and copying the information?

  • instructions md file
  • lesson plan md file
  • inputs and outputs for each test
  • sample code
  • student work
  • etc

Seems like a lot of work to not accept abandoning hours and hours of my time.

I think they’re going to provide a tool for it. There was an export tool a long while back for the old classroom version.

I highly doubt it will be anything worthwhile. They’re not going to invest a ton of time to develop an export function for people they are abandoning in the first place.


You might be right but I hope you’re wrong.

So I have found that if you move the instructions.md and the lessonplans.md out of the lesson folder they will download if you tell it to download the whole project. Nothing on the I/O and Unit Tests though. At least this will download the instructions and the main.py and whatever is in lesson plan for each assignment in one go.

Hey y’all, I do not have many details to share yet, but we do intend on providing some guidance for how to handle all Teams for Edu data. Keep an eye out for it in the future.

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Have you looked into juicemind, they have a teams that is just like replit and easy ways to get all your projects transferred. Youtube videos available for demonstration. Thank goodness!


For me, Repl is dead for my work with students…
For the same reasons…

  • Lots of manual work with lots of repositories
  • Lots of wasted time testing lots of simple students work with “fork only possibility”…

If you could restore the functionality, even partially, to what it was before the change to the new Repl version for the Edu group, that would be great.

  • Because now it’s been a month since the change and only negative experiences…
  • Because now Repl is just “new git”…