Emulator JS "cant load game"

I am not an experienced coder at all, and I simply just forked this replit from some other dude because I couldn’t run it on their replit anymore because it just forces me to fork. Importantly it is an online emulator that pretty much runs old softwares, now for some reason I am only getting this error now. Whenever I upload a ROM for it to load typically it opens it but now when i’ve had to fork it the game loads up the cores but then I get an error of “failed to load game” and in the devtools window I get an error saying “untimeError: null function or function signature mismatch”

I’m not sure how to fix this problem and figured it would be best if somebody could help me out pretty please. You dont have to explain this error to me just tell me how or if it can be fixed.

Repl link:
https://replit.com/@25jg1218/EmulatorJS here’s the link

code snippet


I cant run that one it just forces me to fork it