Emojis break replit

Problem description:
When trying to insert a unicode emoji into HTML, replit will either do nothing and the emoji won’t show, the emoji will appear but immediately disappear when trying to move the cursor. Often, trying to insert an emoji cause replit to freak out and randomly delete or move text and move the cursor to a random position.

Expected behavior:
:grinning:Display an emoji normally on HTML webpage and have it visible in the ide.

Actual behavior:
Emoji does not appear and replit might move the cursor, delete random characters, or move random characters.

Steps to reproduce:
Copy paste an emoji or using the windows 10 emoji picker (WIN+.) into HTML

Windows 10

Hey, @Colind8 welcome to the forums!

I am unable to repro this

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I typed an emoji using the Windows 10 emoji picker like you said and could not repro this


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The way I’m trying to insert emojis is with the unicode emojis themselves. They do not paste as that a code and haven’t when it still worked.

Also where can I find those codes?

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I just googled and went to w3schools.

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Ok. I figured out the issue. It is not an issue caused by replit itself but instead was an extension called twemoji that was causing it to bug out. Excluding replit from its powers fixed the issue.

In hindsight I probably should’ve started with that…


You should still avoid writing emojis directly into the HTML since many browsers will not render them properly. You should always use escape codes like @not-ethan did.


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