Embracing the World: A Programming Odyssey with Replit and a Call for Multilingual Expansion

Hello, how are you? I happened to come across this website on the internet, and I find it wonderful. I’m diving into the world of programming, and I’m finding it amazing. I’d like to leave some feedback here. It would be great if you could hire people to translate the site into Portuguese and even other languages. A big shoutout to the development team, and I’m loving Replit.


Hi @eduardofmelodu , welcome to the forums!
I think if you install the Google Translate Extension, you can translate the page. Or, if Google detects that the page is not in the default language, it prompts you if you want to translate the page.
Hope this helps!


Hi @NateDhaliwal , thanks for the welcome! You’re right about the extension, which indeed enables page translation. However, in some cases, an error occurs that prevents it from continuing, requiring a page reload and keeping it in the default language for it to work seamlessly. Regarding the feedback, it would be interesting to consider adding support for other languages to make Replit more appealing to a broader audience. Many users would appreciate the opportunity to use Replit in their native language.
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