Embedding websites into a Repl

Hello there. I would like to know if there was a way to embed, say a Scratch or Code.Org game or website into a Repl. If I made a Scratch project and wanted to share it in Replit for a larger community and/or a larger audience, I would want to embed the game link into the Repl and be able to play it in Replit. Is there a way to do this?

yeah, on scratch you can just click copy link, and then copy embed

Then, make a new html repl:
aoeua oeStrikingDelectableDebugger - Replit

remember to credit scratch works if you didn’t make them!

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You could do that, although I highly encourage you to try and write a game in a actual programming language, as replit is made for coding, not extra fame and sharing of an already existing project on a different platform.

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I’d be the one making the project. It’s just difficult with Replit Errors. They don’t tell you much or at least I’m not looking in the right place to find errors. CodeOrg is a lot easier for beginners too, but CodeOrg isn’t easy to get your project out on. It’s easier on a platform like Replit, or Scratch for, as I said a larger audience.

Haven’t used Scratch in a while, but I’ll find it. Does the same go for CodeOrg? I use that a lot more3 often for JavaScript.

“Replit Errors”? What language are you programming in?

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Personal suggestion would be to use TurboWarp Packager for this!

JavaScript. Usually I would be given the error “Cannot parse given error” or something around that. I can never figure out what the error is, unless as I said I’m looking incorrectly.

I think you made a typo :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good rare catch @9pfs1!


well we are here to help you solve those problems :slight_smile:

You can use an <iframe>.

TL;DR Code.org: impossible, Scratch: easy

I have a project on Code.org that I worked hard on long ago. I’ve looked into ways of sharing it, exporting the code, etc. I don’t think it can be done. I suppose theoretically you could publish it (so that it’s public) and inspect the page source to get certain elements and embed that in an iframe, but that sounds like too much effort. I know that Scratch projects can be easily embedded into Repls (though I’ve never done it). I’ve seen a few.

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I would like to do it through Code.Org, it’s a lot easier to do than scratch. Text systems are way for complicated in Scratch which is the entire reason for moving to Replit and Code.Org. maybe page source would work and ill figure out how to do that and try it, but other than that, I’m sticking with Code.Org for publishing.

Edit:I hate how every time I write Code.Org it becomes a link but I’m to lazy to just not do it.

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