Embed teams replit in iframe not working for students

Is anyone having any success with embedding teams for education project student embed links in their LMS?

I am forcing the students to login to replit in a new tab before proceeding to the lesson with the iframe embed of the teams for education project student embed link.

In general this is working with chrome and edge. It fails with Firefox complaining that replit is refusing the Cors connection.

Also, the setup seems extremely brittle. If a student fails to ensure they have logged into replit using a separate browser tab, or are not using a cached login, if they then attempt to login to replit from within the iframe embed, they are
denied login and even if they then proceed to successfully login to replit using another tab, the “damage is done” and they can no longer access any iframe embed content from the LMS. I am using LearnDash, a relatively simple Wordpress plug-in.

Cleaning all browser caches and following the “login to replit” first with no iframe May work, I will test and update.

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Tried again today with a chrome browser and it seemed to work.

  1. The test user first logged into replit in a separate tab. The test user then when to the LMS page with the iframe embedded teams for education enabled project. Everyone worked as expected.

  2. I then logged the test user out of replit in the separate tab and closed the LMS page tab.

  3. I reopened the LMS page and as expected, the Replit iframe embed displayed the replit login page, not the specific project that it should display.

  4. I then attempted the login directly in the embedded replit page using the same test user account and it worked! The test user was logged in, and replit switched to the specific project that was in the embed link. Excellent!

Not sure what to make of this. If this generally works, then the Replit iframe embeds are perfect for any elearning deployment. If not, then the work around of ensuring the student logs in using a separate tab seems like an acceptable option. Beware of caching issues if that is in fact the case,

Definitely cannot embed the repl teams for education iframe in chrome or edge on an iPhone.

Easiest option is probably to just include a hyperlink to the student project.