Embed Replit in OneNote not working

I am trying to embed Replit into my OneNote lessons for pupils. When I test it as an owner the embed works and looks great. When I test it on a pupils OneNote the embed window shows an error and when it is clicked on it takes pupils to Replit but to an error page.

I am set up using my own private class groups but surely there is a way to get this embed function working? It would be fantastic.


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If the Repl is part of a Team for Edu, it is likely private, hence unless the students are also part of that team and logged in they would not be able to access it.

Students are part of the Team with projects published but are still getting the error. I think it is because the project is not forked for them until they press ‘Start Project’… Is there any way around this?
Appreciate your help.

Hey @kathrynbell!

Two questions:

  1. Can you share a screenshot of what the students see when they view the embed in a OneNote page?

  2. Are the students able to view the Repls/Projects through their browser instead of the OneNote page?

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