Embed Replit IDE in my Platform

Hello …
I build a platform for my IT Collage to enhance the education journey for IT students,
one of the features in my platform is “Sessions Room” where the students can join and study the programming languages togther.
now can I embed Replit IDE’s in my platform and the students will be able to create a new session with new IDE ??

Hi @hamzehalnaimi3 , welcome to the forums!
Maybe you could use SSH into the environment? Or use Replit’s Real-time collaboration (use the Invite button) in a repl?


Replit does not have an “anonymous coderooms”-type feature. To have multiplayer Repls, you have to manually invite users or expose your invite link. Either way requires people to sign in, though.

I don’t know if you can embed the Editor, but probably the Cover Page of a Repl. So pretty much, no. But you can try some things


That is outlined in the Docs. It’s pretty easy. https://docs.replit.com/hosting/embedding-repls
Here’s how to embed a repl in Discourse (because Discourse breaks replit.com embeds for some reason): https://amcforum.wiki/t/test-manually-iframing-a-repl/3033/3

Yep not possible without using the API (which is prohibited) and even then :man_shrugging: .

Only viable options I’m aware of. You can create a public invite link but users will still need Replit accounts to edit the repl. Do note that with a public invite link some malicious user could gain access to your repl and convert it into malware and/or destroy it (every repl has a Shell so they wouldn’t even have to edit the code to do something bad).

@hamzehalnaimi3 can you please clarify your request?

If you build it, you can Deploy the repl. As previously established though, the actual Replit IDE is not meant to be embedded.