Embed repl by id

Is it possible to embed a repl using an id instead of the slug repl link? If so I would like to know how, if it requires graphql, just tell me, and I will find myself a solution.

If you’re talking about the id that’s returned in all graphql queries, then you can embed:


You probably already know this but I think you can also get the ID in the Custom Domain Linking window

I know the id corresponds, but i am talking about this embed: https://docs.replit.com/hosting/embedding-repls
Not just an iframe to a website.

Try embedding “https://replit.com/replid/REPL_ID

Nope, does not work. (404)

What repl are you trying to embed?

I tried it on a random repl of mine and it works:


(It doesn’t have a webview)

trivial conversion, just use GQL to get by id

from replit_bot import gql

x = gql("", "repl", {"id": "YOUR_ID"})



pretty sure you can get slug by replid with gql

bigminiboss already showed this xD

graphql works but @dragonhunter1 said:

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I will! But, I will use my lib of course, as I have already been for my current project :slight_smile: (And it is async)


I will have to add a repl feature to my lib, I just realized XD

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oh yeah sorry I see that now

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