Embed - anyone can change the code and it sticks

I have iframed the code using the lite=true option. When anyone changes the code, the actual code is changed for anyone who accesses it. How do you stop this? I want them to be able to make changes and try things but not to the original.

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There is no way to do this to my knowledge plus editing repls via embeds are being deprecated very soon. They can fork the reply and edit their own version if they want.

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Hi Andrew @fr-coding-ab , welcome to the forums.

@ethan is correct. However if you want visitors to make changes to the code but not the original would it be better to share a link to the repl cover page and allow them to fork their own version of the program?


Another option would be to use Teams for Edu to create a project for each student so they can change the original version of the repl.

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Hi and thank you for your response. Does this mean that the best way would be to provide a link to the Replit URL that then opens up in their own account? So they can change the code but not the original?

Correct. Just giving a link to the cover page like Ian said would lead them to the page logged in (if they have an account).

Hi and thank you for your response. This is going to be a newbie question, how do I get to the cover page?

In the editor click the name of it then click coverage.

(gif stolen from Ian in his previous post)


Awesome thankyou very much for your time and help.

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