Email verification for students

Hi, students in my school have Google classroom accounts. For safeguarding reasons, they have no access to email.

Some students are not able to submit projects for the Replit Team because Replit is asking for email verification, which they can’t provide.

Is there any workaround which permits the students to submit their project without verifying their email?

@DalstonHal I’ve not seen the need to verify an email before submitting a project. I’m assuming you’re using Teams for Education? My school creates Google accounts for our students as well. Even though my students have access to their email, I went a different route to have them join my Replit Edu Team. This didn’t require any email verification.

  • Students signed up for a Replit Account using “Continue with Google”.

  • They were immediately logged in, no need to verify email address.

  • I then went into the appropriate Team and put each individual email address in the “Invite” field and invited them one at a time. I know this isn’t the quickest way, but I only have 16 students in one class and 12 in another. I didn’t “Generate an invite link”, “Upload CSV”, or “Invite via Google Classroom”.

  • Since the students were already logged in, they got the notification in their Replit Notifications list for the invite. They were able to click that notification and immediately joined the Team.

Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve not seen where a student needs to verify an email address before submitting a project. Maybe you added your students in a different manner than I did?

I got my students to join the Replit Team by posting an invitation link to Google Classrooms. For some students, they are not permitted to submit a project because their email hasn’t been verified. Most students joined using their Google id.