Elementary Students and Replit Education

I love the features of using replit, but I want to ensure that my students will not be exposed to anything inappropriate with the community feature in their accounts. Is Replit education okay to use with students in grades 3-6?

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Hey @RinaStanghelli1 welcome to the forums!

I believe so! I started using Replit through a school stand point. It was great and was fine for younger kids. It’s a great way to code and introduce people to it. Replit has the option to allow us to report things (which doesn’t happen often and happens when you scour over the site which takes a lot of time), and the big Repl’s that you will see are perfectly appropriate. You can even talk to your administrator to only allow the coding portion I believe.


I believe Firewalled Replit gets rid of the community feature entirely.

Yeah. When creating a Teams for Edu team, you can select “under age 13”


Firewalled Replit would be the safest way if it truly turns off community (which seems familiar so I think Qwerty is right here). However, community members can report things, plus there are mods and at least one moderation bot which has a decent filter on it. So, with community: 98% safe. Firewalled Replit: should be 100% safe.


Yes, Firewalled Replit would be the best way to filter out the community. However, it would also prevent accessing any domain other than PyPI (Python), npm (NodeJS), and other extremely important package managers. Were you planning to have students request data from APIs or anything that would require connecting with an external domain?