EDUteam projects unresponsive for many hours. 500 Error


Several of my students (but not all) are receiving this message, “We encountered an error. Please tell us what happened by opening up the sidebar and submitting a ticket via the get help button.”. It has persisted all day. They can’t work on their projects (created in the EDUteam) but I can open their project from the teacher panel and everything works just fine.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

This has happened a few times to my students today. I just have them close the tab and try opening it up again, and it eventually works.

Thanks for the response. We tried that as well. Even tried different browsers, different workstation, and hours later but the problem still persists.

Hi @benrud and @tclark thank you for your message. I’ll check with the Replit team and see if there were any related issues reported today.

Hi again @benrud and @tclark can you please confirm if the issue still occurs? There was something investigated earlier today related to Teams and it should be resolved. If not I’ll let the team know to look again.

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The issue is resolved on my ‘student’ account, but I can not confirm if it is resolved on the other student accounts until tomorrow. Do you know if it was a container or user or team level issue?

Thanks again!

I just received this error. The page refreshed and I lost the code that was written, but the service is still working.

Happened again.

and again like 90 seconds later.

and again. It is happening now just about every minute.

Thanks @benrud I’ve gone back and asked if this is related.

In the meantime could you try closing your Replit browser tabs and then, after opening a clean tab, log into Replit and create a new blank project. If the error doesn’t appear try going back to the one where you see the error above and let me know if this reoccurs.

hi @benrud it was a Team level issue.

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Thanks for that info. Do you have a suggestion if this persists through tomorrow?

HI @benrud keep reporting as a bug within Replit as the team will be able to investigate and will escalate any issues which have multiple reports. Hopefully it will be resolved for you though!

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