Educator Workshops

Have you been to one of David Morgan’s workshops? If not, you are missing out!

Each month, we will now offer 2 educator workshops (varying timezones each month):

  1. Teams for Education Basics: Do you know someone who is new to Teams and needs to get started or do you need a refresher course?

  2. “No Assembly Required”: Join David (and sometimes a guest or two) as he dives into different topics such as pedagogy, curriculum, teaching hacks, and so much more. Be a part of the conversation and catch a few nuggets of gold to take back to your classroom.

Need a certificate of completion for professional development points? We have you covered.

Check out the comments for this month’s workshop links to register.

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I have signed up for this. :slight_smile: what’s with certification point can you tell a bit more like what we will be getting??

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@fury-07 if you need to earn professional development points or accreditation for continuing education credits, we can supply you a certificate of completion to demonstrate you attended.

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@fury-07 Even if you don’t need certification it’s worth knowing that I’ve crafted these certificates with my own fair hands (or at least I wrote the code to make them) so they’re guaranteed to not be boring looking! Print them out and hang them in your classroom!

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Yes, I would like to have them :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks @david.morgan for crafting certificates for educators it means alot when efforts have some recognition proof :blush:

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