Educational team: show submission progress

First of all: It’s a great service! Thank you!!

When I view submissions for my team, show me some indication of progress, like the average history length for files in the project, or the average line count for each submission, or (best of all) a line-of-code counter. Something temporal would be great, too, like time since last edit.

At present, when want assess students’ work so far, I must visit each replit, boot it, click around, and then backup (with the browser back-button, which requires way too many clicks). If I could see from the submissions UI some measure of work performed and timing, I could focus my attention.

Students will often visit an assignment early just to see instructions and scaffolded code. As a result, I see lot’s of forks that remain unchanged for days. I’d like to focus my attention on those who are coding, or see whether a particular student did work since they and I last communicated.

If this idea is resource-taxing for the replit system, it would be fine to reduce the time resolution for when the status is updated. Every 5mins, even every hour, would be better than nothing.


I can only agree with this request.

First if all, the service Replit is providing is already really good.

Also in my case there is no indication about the progress of the user. One project can take about one month. I dont use tests. So,

One idea would be to be able to create milestones in the REPL. The user then can click when he completed a milestone.

Here are some other metric ideas which also would be very helpful:

  • lines of code written
  • time spend on replit
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