Education team, problem forking repl

Problem description:
Since I was not able to copy a project (see Education team, problem copying repls ), I tried to fork it (within the project I clicked on the project name, then the three dots, then “Fork”). The project was not forked properly.

Expected behavior:
The project is not in the education teams list of projects.

Actual behavior:
The project gets forked into the education space, i.e. the name is taken and if you know the link you can edit it. But it is not an education project. You can set the “public / private” mode, which you can not for education projects and you cannot publish it.

(tks-e-phase is an education team)

This repl:
was forked from:

Hi @metelmann I’ve just replied to your other post but see that this is related, but different.

If you fork a Repl you should only fork it into your personal space, not a Team. This Team space is no longer accessible since the release of Teams for Education.

You have some options for copying projects into Teams for Education:


I hope this helps in the short term, however I will pass this on to the support team as I think Replit need to remove the option to create or fork Repls into non-personal spaces.

Correct, I also think, that it should not be possible to fork projects into the education space, if it is not creating valid projects. Thanks for your time.

No problem and sorry for the inconvenience. I’ve escalated this with the team too as :crossed_fingers: it would be quite a quick update to remove this option :crossed_fingers:

Hey @metelmann!

Thank you for reporting this. I have sent this to the team so we can look into a resolution for this. I will follow up if there are any updates.